10 basic principles"Most parents do a pretty good job of raising kids, but truly effective parenting means not just relying on natural instincts but also on knowing what works and why."

In The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting, Dr. Steinberg distills decades of research into a parenting book that explains the fundamentals of raising happy, healthy children, giving readers an invaluable map to help them navigate parenthood from infancy to adolescence.

Dr. Steinberg found that the basic principles for effective parenting are simple and universal, and apply to all parents and children regardless of background. He explains each principle and shows how to put it into action, using anecdotes and examples: from "What You Do Matters" (parents make an enormous difference; children are not simply the product of their genes) to "Establish Rules and Limits" (how to provide structure in your child's life, and how to handle conflicts over rules) and "Help Foster Your Child's Independence" (help your child think through decisions instead of making them for him or her). Concise and authoritative, written with warmth and compassion, The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting is an intelligent guide to raising a happy, healthy child and to becoming a happier, more confident parent in the process.

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"Steinberg, a Temple University psychology professor and author presents a powerful argument for the importance of parents in shaping emotionally healthy children. Steinberg's philosophy is based on decades of scientific research in the parenting field, and rests on 10 main beliefs that span childhood from infancy to adolescence. From "What You Do Matters" to "You Cannot Be Too Loving" and "Treat Your Child With Respect," Steinberg outlines the core ingredients of successful parenting, addressing common issues and questions all parents face. Although he recognizes the impact of peers and media in children's lives, Steinberg maintains that parents must take responsibility, pointing out that children's decisions are influenced, above all, by those who raise them. Steinberg maintains a thoughtful but instructive tone throughout, offering practical suggestions on topics like establishing rules and limits. Parenting, Steinberg says, is "like building a boat you will eventually launch. The building process is gratifying, but so is launching the boat and seeing that what you've built can handle the seas." Steinberg calls for parents to be involved and respectful as they create an emotionally healthy environment for their children. His slim volume brims with potent messages about the importance and responsibility of good parenting, providing useful guidelines for new parents and a valuable refresher course for veterans. Ultimately, Steinberg maintains, the scientific facts prove there is nothing more important to healthy development than parents who love, guide and respect their children."
--Publishers’ Weekly